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A1 Group: the merger

Van Oosten Beregeningssystemen was acquired by A1 Tuinbouwtechniek back in July 2016. Dennis Philippi then took over from Aad van Oosten. After this successful takeover, the companies have now decided to 'give the collaborations more depth by merging'.

As of 1 January 2020 Van Oosten and A1 Tuinbouwtechniek have become part of A1 Group B.V. With this merger the companies join forces and want to optimize their services even more.

The trade names Van Oosten Beregeningssystemen and A1 Tuinbouwtechniek will continue to exist as usual; customers can therefore continue to use the existing contact and address details as they are used to.
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Mist installation horticulture
Blackout screens for horticulture

Vision A1 Horticultural Technology

A1 Horticultural Technology supplies and assembles complete water technical installations for horticulture. In the field of screen installations The company supplies and assembles all types of screens, such as horizontal and vertical installations and insect netting. Finally, A1 Horticultural Technology offers the solution for air circulation in the greenhouse, by means of a vertical or horizontal air circulation installation.

The company faces further but gradual growth in the coming years, further expanding its operations worldwide. A1 Horticultural Technology should be seen as a professional and serious discussion partner in all its areas of operation. Where the aim is to be a total package when it comes to the product range. Core values are solution-oriented, carefree, high quality, proactive and flexible.

A1 Horticultural Engineering makes an effort to be a modern employer, paying attention to its employees. In addition, further development of digitalisation is spearheaded.

The company is responding to current market trends, including sustainability and safety.


In the coming years, A1 Tuinbouw Techniek aims to develop even further into a stable and respected company in the market. 

Vision Van Oosten Beregening

Van Oosten Beregening is the specialist in sprinkling sports facilities, parks and ornamental gardens. This is done in an environmentally conscious and energy-saving way. Van Oosten advises on systems, installs and maintains them. The company stands for solution-oriented customisation, expertise, flexibility and quality.

In the coming years, Van Oosten is aiming for gradual growth as a total installer for all water technical systems. Digitalisation and sustainability are two spearheads in the future strategy.

The company stands for a professional employee policy and aims to be a modern employer in the widest sense. Laws and regulations play an important role in Van Oosten's assignments. The company takes full advantage of this, and clients can count on clear and applicable advice and implementation.
Sprinkler system
Irrigation Hockey pitch

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Dennis Philippi

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Marco Prince

Management Director

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