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Circular water use on sports fields

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Sustainable management and reuse of water on artificial turf pitches

Circulating water on sports pitches refers to the sustainable management and reuse of water on artificial grass pitches. This approach aims to shift from traditional tap water use to a circular approach, reusing precious water and minimising waste.

The smart water storage system, how does it work?

Rainwater is collected in an underground basin and then used for sprinkling (artificial) grass fields. The system is designed to operate autonomously, with excess water returning to the basin for reuse after irrigation.

A core component of circular water use on sports fields is the innovative crate system used under artificial grass pitches. This system provides an advanced water storage and reuse solution. The operation of the crate system is based on collecting and storing rainwater in specially designed crates, strategically placed under the pitch.

The crates are made of durable material and have a design that ensures optimal water storage. After rainfall, the collected water is used for sprinkling the artificial turf pitch. The unique aspect of the crate system is its flexibility and adaptability to different field sizes and environmental conditions.

This circular system not only minimises dependence on external water sources, but it also helps reduce water wastage. By choosing crates with high water storage capacity, 100 per cent water storage is achieved, which is crucial for sustainable water management on sports fields. In addition, the system promotes natural cooling of stored water, making it suitable for preventing bacterial growth and maintaining water quality. The crate system shows itself to be an essential tool for sports associations striving for circular and responsible water management on their artificial turf pitches.

Benefits of the system:

1. Sustainability: Circular water circulation minimises water wastage and reduces dependence on precious tap water, contributing to sustainability.
2. Efficiency: The use of advanced water storage systems, such as crate systems, allows for more efficient water management, enabling optimal sprinkling of sports fields.
3. Cost savings: By reusing rainwater and minimising tap water use, sports clubs can save significant costs on water consumption.

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