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Safety and reliability in Industrial Irrigation

In the dynamic world of industry, water plays a crucial role in various business processes. At A1 Group, we understand that the water management of your industrial enterprise is essential. Our expertise ranges from the design and installation of advanced sprinkler systems to the implementation of piping systems for industrial applications.

Appropriate solutions

Whether you need to control dust generation, provide fire water supplies, regulate cold-heat storage, or solve other water-related issues, at A1 Group we have the appropriate solutions for your specific needs. Our services include well drilling, use of surface water and rainwater, as well as implementation of pumping systems to provide your business with the right amount of water at the right time.
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At A1 Group, sustainability is paramount. We understand that water recycling is a crucial aspect in modern industry. Our installations are designed with water recycling in mind, and we are happy to work with you to find the most suitable solutions for your business. We not only offer technological solutions, but also support you in project preparation, where unburdening is our core concept.


Safety is paramount in industry, and at A1 Group we take it very seriously. We are your reliable partner who thinks with you and ensures that you can always rely on our installations. Our commitment to safety includes a solid emergency power supply and a 24-hour breakdown service, so you can count on our support at all times. Choose A1 Group and experience the security of high-quality sprinkler solutions for industry.
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