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Irrigation of baseball/softball fields

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Your baseball or softball field in top condition through irrigation.

No baseball or softball player likes to stand in a puddle during the game. Intermittent and fast-moving sprinklers prevent puddles from forming. Sprinkling preserves the existing grass surface, which prevents the so-called 'sandbox effect'. It also keeps the top layer moist and minimises injuries.

Products and techniques

The semi-paved area will be equipped with pop-up sprinklers, which are resistant to penetration of the top layer. Both before the match and during the interval, it will be possible to start the sprinkling programme remotely. In addition, the grass will be provided with a submerged sprinkler system, which will operate fully automatically at night.

Sprinkling gravel

In the case of a gravel baseball field, irrigation is really crucial, as this prevents dust from forming on the court. When keeping the court moist, we pay attention to an even misting, because a too dry court causes dust and hardness and a too wet court can cause puddles to form.

Baseball/Softball fields

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