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A well sprinkled jump box is good for people and animals

Irrigating the jumping arena is absolutely essential for an equestrian centre. A solid surface prevents the fine sand from drifting, leads to better performance and fewer injuries to people and animals. It is also very comfortable for the horses, riders and spectators.

We have developed various spraying systems for, among others:

- within horse stables;
- outside horse stables;
- paddocks;
- stepping mills.

To find out which type of sprinkler system is best for your equestrian centre, we are happy to come and give you customised advice.

Products and techniques

Optimum results are achieved if the subsoil is slightly moist, so that the fine sand does not drift upwards. This means that the sprinkler system is fully automatic at night, which prevents the ground from becoming too loose during the day. The system is run with surface or well water and, if necessary, the water must be filtered.

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