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A well sprinkled jump box is good for people and animals

Irrigating the jumping arena is absolutely essential for an equestrian centre. A solid surface prevents the fine sand from drifting, leads to better performance and fewer injuries to people and animals. It is also very comfortable for the horses, riders and spectators.

We have developed various spraying systems for, among others:

- within horse stables;
- outside horse stables;
- paddocks;
- stepping mills.

To find out which type of sprinkler system is best for your equestrian centre, we are happy to come and give you customised advice.

Products and techniques

Optimum results are achieved if the subsoil is slightly moist, so that the fine sand does not drift upwards. This means that the sprinkler system is fully automatic at night, which prevents the ground from becoming too loose during the day. The system is run with surface or well water and, if necessary, the water must be filtered.

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The perfect irrigation for equestrian surfaces

Our system is mainly mounted in the ridge of the riding hall. Using gear drive, the spray boom moves over guide tubes. The water supply is located in a channel, so there are no visible hoses and cables in your hall and no entanglement can occur. The spray booms are adapted to the type of hall and soil type. If, for construction reasons, it is not possible to mount the system in the ridge, we also offer options for conditioning from the side or for halls with a sloping roof.

Optimal stability and a slip-free drive

Thanks to the use of high-quality products, we guarantee optimum stability and a slip-free drive. Our sprinkler system is precisely adjusted to your riding arena, sparing the hoof barrier. In addition, we carefully adjust the amount of water so that you have an even water distribution over the entire arena length and the soil remains in optimal condition.

Section spraying also possible

Unique features of our sprinkler system for equestrian surfaces include the option of section spraying, which allows you to spray the arena individually according to your needs. In addition, the system is equipped with a timer relay, so that your riding surface is already in good condition before you start training in the morning.

Why choose our sprinkler systems for equestrian centres?

  • Top quality: Our installation is precisely tuned to your riding hall to keep the soil in top condition and ready for competitions.
  • Section irrigation: easily adjustable section irrigation according to your own needs at any time.
  • Compact and unobtrusive: our sprinklers are installed without flashy elements in your riding hall.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance: Our system is user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Dutch manufacturing: Our installations are manufactured in the Netherlands and assembled by skilled professionals, with guaranteed service.

Prevent brown deposits

Water quality is very important. If spring water is used, it should be free of iron to avoid brown deposits on edges or paths. Our extensive knowledge enables us to advise you on the right water treatment.

From plan to construction

Our experienced team takes care of the complete sprinkler system of your stables, from planning to construction. Rely on our expertise for the optimal irrigation of your riding arena floor. Contact us today for tailored advice and enjoy a perfectly irrigated riding arena floor.

Ask for advice

We use a 24/7 service to provide you with the best possible service in emergency situations. Call us at +31 (0)174 752 550.