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Save costs

Save costs by sprinkling your hockey fields

Sprinkling the hockey field just before a game or during the break to get it back in optimal condition is nice for the players! If enough water has fallen and the field is already in the right condition to play on, it is convenient for you as a club that the sprinklers are blocked by a limiter in the form of an automatic sprinkler. This prevents unnecessary watering of the fields and saves costs! That's a smart way of watering your hockey fields.

Products and techniques

The hockey fields are equipped with turbo pop-up sprinklers or steel masts with cannon sprinklers on the outside of the field. These have a radius of 40 to 57 metres. If the sprinkler cycle is activated, bystanders are informed by means of a horn signal.

Sprinkling artificial turf

Irrigating an artificial turf pitch Nowadays, many (semi-) water-based pitches in the hockey world consist of artificial grass. The right irrigation can ensure the best playing conditions, which leads to fewer injuries for your players.


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