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Watering football pitches

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Save costs

Save costs by sprinkling your soccer fields

To keep your football fields in optimal condition, sprinkling is necessary. Not watering or not watering the fields properly can even mean that your maintenance costs will be higher than desired and nobody wants that!

In addition to saving costs, we ensure that your sprinkler system is set up in such a way that your fields remain in optimum condition. By doing business in an environmentally-conscious manner, the installation of your sprinkler system takes into account the fact that the system uses the good quality water we have in the Netherlands economically. Another important advantage is that by maintaining high quality sports fields, you can minimise cancellations.

Products and techniques

On most soccer fields, we install fully automatic sprinkler systems with pop-up sprinklers. The number of sprinklers can vary from 8 to 27 sprinklers per football field. During the design phase, all possibilities are explained and you will learn more about the Toro TriComm system.

Sprinkling artificial turf

Our advice is to also sprinkle your artificial turf pitch, mainly with the aim of sparing the players of your football team. A properly irrigated artificial turf football pitch ensures better ball circulation and less friction.

Soccer fields

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There are different types of sprinklers used in sprinkler systems for football pitches. Choosing the right sprinkler depends on several factors, such as the size of the pitch, the available water pressure and the type of grass being used.

One of the most common sprinklers for football pitches is the rotary sprinkler. This sprinkler has a rotating head that sprays water in a circular pattern. This type of sprinkler is very efficient and can irrigate large areas quickly.

There are also medium-distance sprinklers such as large circle sprinklers or long-distance sprinklers such as rectangular sprinklers or line sprinklers. These sprinklers are suitable for areas with lower water pressure or for watering remote areas on the football pitch.

There are also sprinklers specially designed for watering specific areas on the football pitch, such as the goal areas or the centre circle. These sprinklers often have a special pattern to provide water to these areas in an efficient manner. It is important to choose the right sprinkler for your football pitch to ensure the pitch is watered efficiently without wasting water.

If you are unsure which sprinkler is best for your field, you can always ask us for advice.

Artificial turf spraying

Watering artificial turf football pitches requires some adjustment compared to watering natural grass because artificial turf is a synthetic material and therefore has different needs.

First, it is important to remember that artificial turf football pitches are usually watered more frequently than natural grass. Often the pitch is sprinkled before the match.

It is also important not to overwater the artificial grass, as this can cause drainage problems and contribute to the ageing of the artificial grass. It is therefore advisable to keep watering sessions short and give the artificial grass time to absorb the water before continuing with watering.

If you are unsure which sprinkler is best for your artificial grass football pitch, you can always ask us for advice.

Irrigation of football pitches: Optimal Care for Green and Playable Grass

The importance of effective sprinkling and watering for football pitches cannot be overemphasised. A well-designed sprinkler system ensures the right moisture balance and delivers the necessary amount of water to keep the grass healthy and green. With the right irrigation strategies, football pitches can be cared for optimally, keeping them playable and able to withstand intensive use. Watering systems play a crucial role in maintaining proper moisture levels on football pitches. By using automated irrigation systems, water can be evenly distributed throughout the pitch. This ensures uniform grass growth and prevents dry patches or over-watering.

Optimal water delivery

A well-designed irrigation system uses sprinklers and irrigation pipes strategically placed to ensure optimal water delivery. Nozzles with adjustable spray patterns ensure that water is evenly distributed and no area is skipped. By matching water delivery to the needs of the grass, waste is avoided and water is used efficiently. When designing a sprinkler system for football pitches, it is important to consider several factors, such as the size and shape of the pitch, soil conditions and environmental conditions. A1 Group can design a customised system that meets all these specific requirements. This ensures optimal irrigation of the grass and preservation of the field's playability.

Prevent bald spots and uneven growth

Besides promoting healthy grass and maintaining playability, a good irrigation system offers other benefits. It prevents the formation of bare patches and uneven growth, reducing the risk of injury to players. In addition, good sprinkling contributes to the aesthetic appeal of the football pitch, which is important for both players and spectators.


A well-maintained irrigation system requires regular maintenance and inspection. This includes checking and cleaning sprinklers, adjusting the water output and ensuring the irrigation pipes are working properly. A1 Group can take care of the periodic maintenance and ensure that the system always functions optimally.

At A1 Group, we understand the importance of effective sprinkling and watering for football pitches. We offer high-quality sprinkler systems that are specially designed for football pitches and meet the specific needs of this sports surface. Our experts are ready to help you design, install and maintain a sprinkler system that meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Contact us today and find out how our irrigation solutions can contribute to healthy and well-maintained football pitches.

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