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Grass or gravel? All tennis courts perfectly sprinkled!

Every tennis player has a preference for playing on a grass or a gravel court. But what applies to both types of surface is that it is only pleasant to play tennis on a court that is kept moist in the right way.

Products and techniques

We fit gravel, French Court, Canada Tenn and sloping gravel courts with a recessed sprinkler system. Tennis courts offer many possibilities for the arrangement of the sprinklers. In consultation with you, we come to the right choice for your court. Do you prefer to spray each court separately? This can be regulated by a programme on your computer, tablet or smartphone. With one press of the button, you determine which sprinklers are turned on.

Sprinkling gravel

Irrigating a gravel court is really crucial, because this prevents dust from forming on the court. When keeping the court moist, we pay attention to an even misting. A court that is too dry will cause dust and hardness, while a court that is too wet will make the game difficult.

Tennis courts

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