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Water treatment for optimum irrigation

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Advanced Water treatment solutions

Striving for the best water for your garden is understandable. However, groundwater from a well may contain too high a concentration of iron, which can cause rust scale on pavements, tiles, walls and plants. Moreover, excess iron can harm sprinkler systems, where pipes can become clogged. A1 Group offers advanced water treatment solutions, particularly designed for de-ironing groundwater and protecting sprinkler systems.

Water de-icing

A de-ironing plant is recommended if the groundwater contains excessive iron concentration.

Water softening

Op maat gemaakte wateronthardingssystemen, afgestemd op uw specifieke watervraag en toepassing

Benefits of water treatment:

1. Super clean groundwater:
Our water treatment systems guarantee that the groundwater pumped through the sprinkler system is of top quality.

2. No rust deposits:
Rust scale is a thing of the past, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing environment without the negative impact of rust.

3. Optimal operation & longer service life:
Prevent blockages and maintain the optimal operation of your sprinkler system, leading to longer equipment life.

4. Easy integration:
Our water treatment solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the overall irrigation system, making management simple and effective.

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