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Water softening for businesses

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Tailor-madewater softening systems

At A1 Group, we understand that limescale in your water can be a significant problem for your water supply in commercial environments. We offer customised water softening systems tailored to your specific water demand and application.

Our team is well versed in the impact of hard water on your systems, and we always have the right solutions ready. Whether in manufacturing environments, parks, sports fields or other business sectors, we understand the impact of limescale build-up and offer effective solutions.

Why soften water?

Softened water prevents limescale deposits and blockages, significantly improving the performance of your equipment. This reduces maintenance and repair costs and extends the life of equipment.

1. Increase production efficiency:

In industries where water quality is crucial, water softening offers significant benefits. Using softened or soft water in production processes often improves product quality and increases production efficiency, while reducing costs.

2. Reducing costs:

Water softening for commercial use can lead to savings in water consumption, energy costs and chemicals. Softened water requires less or even no detergents, resulting in reduced consumption of these products.

3. Improve sustainability:

Moreover, water softening contributes to achieving corporate sustainability goals. By optimising water consumption and improving energy efficiency, companies reduce their environmental impact and strengthen their corporate social responsibility.

Maintenance and repair

Besides supplying water softening systems, we specialise in the maintenance and repair of most brands and types of water softeners. Our systems are user-friendly and require limited but necessary maintenance, depending on the water source and consumption.

How do water softeners work?

A water softener contains a cylinder with resin beads that carry sodium ions. As water flows through the exchanger, calcium and magnesium swap places for sodium. This results in soft, lime-free water flowing out of the water softener. The process is simple but effective, allowing companies to enjoy the benefits of lime-free water in their processes.

High-quality water softeners for businesses

A1 Group is known for supplying and installing high-quality water softeners, suitable for various applications. A1 Group's experts are happy to advise companies on the right capacity and design for their specific needs. The company also offers specialised maintenance and repair services for various brands and types of water softeners, from small commercial kitchens to large industrial plants.

Cost savings and environmental awareness

For business owners, using water softeners is a strategic move to reduce costs and be environmentally conscious. Hard water can incur significant costs, such as machinery maintenance and the use of filters in machinery fleets. By preventing scale formation, a water softener reduces the need for expensive demineralisation processes and the use of harmful chemicals, which not only saves costs but also contributes to a more sustainable business model.

Water softeners for large-scale consumers

For companies with significant water needs, it is advisable to invest in water softeners specifically designed for large-scale consumption. These systems are characterised by high capacity (up to 68 litres at a time), fast processing speed and the ability to accurately set the sodium content.

Government support for procurement

Business owners can benefit from government support when buying a water softener. Tax benefits, such as the possibility to reclaim VAT and include the purchase cost as an investment in the annual tax return, make the investment even more attractive.

Price information for business water softeners

A variety of business water softeners are available from A1 Group, with prices varying depending on capacity and specifications. Comparing quotes is a smart way to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your business.

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