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Water de-icing

Lower theiron concentration

A de-ironing plant is recommended if the groundwater contains excessive iron concentration. After installing the well, we analyse the groundwater for its iron value. Based on this analysis and the type of pump, we recommend the most suitable de-ironing plant.


Operation of the de-ironing plant:

Our de-ironing plant consists of three crucial components: the resin core, the salt reservoir and the control computer. Placed behind the discharge side of the pump between the pipework, the resin core filters iron particles from the freshly pumped groundwater. The treated water leaves the resin core and can then be safely used for irrigation. The salt reservoir plays an essential role in flushing the resin core to loosen all filtered particles, which are then discharged to the sewer.

De-ironing plant maintenance:

A regular maintenance schedule is crucial for optimal operation of the de-ironing and irrigation system. A1 Group is ready to carry out periodic maintenance, where we check the entire installation and ensure that all adjustments and settings are correct. Choose A1 Group for advanced water treatment that optimises the performance of your sprinkler system and extends the life of your equipment."

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