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Vertical screening

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Light and temperature inside and outside optimising

A vertical screen system ensures that the temperature and the light in the greenhouse can be controlled. The best-known vertical screen system is a roll-up screen system, which is installed all around the greenhouse. A twin roll-up screen can also be installed to create several surfaces or sections in the greenhouse. A variant of the twin roll-up screen system, with three instead of two screens, is the trio roll-up screen. Outside, a vertical roll-up wall can also be used to block heat from outside.

Roll-up screen installation

The light and temperature in the greenhouse can be controlled with a roller gable screen system from A1 Horticultural Technique. The roller gable screen system is mounted inside on the gable. The screen system can be operated manually or by means of a control system.

Twin roll screen installation

Different temperatures in the greenhouse with a twin gable screen system. With a twin gable screen installation, your crop is divided into sections or compartments to regulate the temperature separately. A twin gable screen installation consists of two sections of screen with one motor.

Triorol facade screen installation

Cultivation takes place in various stages in the greenhouse with a triorolage gable screen system from A1 Tuinbouwtechniek. The trio gable screen system consists of three sections of cloth and is driven by two motors. This makes it possible to roll up the system more quickly.

External roller screen installation

Keeping the temperature in the greenhouse constant with an external roller screen. An exterior roll-up wall screen is attached to the outside wall of your greenhouse and is often used in combination with an exterior wall screen system. An exterior roll-up screen keeps out the heat from outside and can lower the temperature in the greenhouse by up to several degrees. An exterior rolling wall screen is often used in flower and plant cultivation.

Vertical screening

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Roller gable screens are an ideal solution for greenhouses as they not only provide protection from extreme weather conditions such as rain, wind and hail, but also from birds and insects. They are easy to install and operate, and can be adapted to the needs of your greenhouse.

Roller wall screens allow you to precisely regulate the temperature, humidity and light intensity in your greenhouse, leading to better growth and higher crop yields. They also improve air circulation, which improves the quality of air in the greenhouse and can help prevent the growth of fungi and pests.

In short, if you are looking for a way to improve growing conditions in your greenhouse while protecting your crops from extreme weather conditions, roller gable screens are the perfect solution.

There are different types of roller wall screens suitable for use in greenhouses, depending on your specific needs. Here are some of the most popular options:
Solar screens: These screens block part of the sunlight, which can help regulate temperature and humidity in the greenhouse. They are especially suitable for use in warm climates.
Darkening screens: These screens help keep out sunlight and/or reduce light emissions from the greenhouse.
Thermal screens: These screens help to regulate greenhouse temperatures by storing heat in winter and blocking it in summer. They are especially useful in colder climates.
Insect repellent/wind screens: These screens help to keep flying insects out of the greenhouse, which can help prevent pests and limit fungus growth.
5. Air circulation screens: These screens help improve air circulation in the greenhouse, which can help improve air quality and reduce fungal growth.

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