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Roller gable screens

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At A1 Group, we understand the essential role of roller wall screens in horticulture for precisely controlling temperature and light in greenhouses. As your trusted partner, we offer high-quality roller wall screen solutions that perfectly match your needs and the specific requirements of your crop.

Optimising climate and light management in your greenhouse

Our roller-gable screen systems are designed to reduce light emissions and optimally control the greenhouse climate. As a result, you not only benefit from improved crop growth, but also significant energy savings. With our roller wall screens, you can minimise light intensity and effectively darken your greenhouse, creating the perfect environment for your crops.

Flexible attachment and control

At A1 Group, we offer various mounting and control options for roller wall screens. Our expert team members will work closely with you to determine which system best suits your specific situation. Whether you have a wide-span greenhouse or another greenhouse arrangement, we have the solution for you.

Deck roll screen: Optimal for wide-span greenhouses

For wide-span greenhouses, we recommend our deck roller screen. This advanced screen system offers extensive control options, allowing you to use the screen on both two and single sides. Our roller gable screen system is attached to the gable inside and can be easily operated manually or integrated with an advanced control system. .

Twin roll wall screen: Optimal for Differentiated Climate Management

In addition to deck roll screens, A1 Group also offers twin roll wall screen solutions. This innovative system allows you to create different temperature zones in your greenhouse by dividing the crop into separate sections or compartments. Our twin roll wall screen system consists of two sections of cloth driven by one motor, giving you full control over the climate in each zone. Check out our twin roll wall screen page for more information.

Our Expertise, Your Success

At A1 Group, we are known for our expertise and dedication to providing high-quality roller wall screen solutions. Our screens can be integrated with your greenhouse's climate computer, allowing you to further optimise the management of your crop.

Contact us today and find out how our roller wall screens can take your horticultural activities to the next level. Together, we will find the perfect system to meet your specific needs and help realise your growth ambitions.

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