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Job description:

Supervising, coordinating and carrying out a variety of assembly and installation work. With the aim of optimising assembly and installation work on site through. planning, coordination, direction and control.

- Operational management
- Ensuring coordination and optimal cooperation in assembly team and with other departments
- Coordinating one or a few projects within set time, quality and budget
- Coordinating on-site material supply
- Solving (potentially complex) problems on site
- Attending construction meetings
- Consulting with buyers and customers - Advising buyers and customers on possible changes and/or more or less work
- Controlling work on site
- Taking care of progress monitoring within set time, quality and budget
- Adjusting activities
- Delivery of projects
- Identify unsafe situations and report to management for action
- Reporting to management
- Updating laws and regulations

- Quality: responsible for ensuring progress and delivery in accordance with agreed specifications, laws and regulations
- Financial: responsible for realisation within set specifications and budgets, consultation and obtaining agreement on additional and less work
- Planning: responsible for ensuring progress and delivery in accordance with agreed planning, consultation and obtaining approval for deviations
- Communication: responsible for clear communication of schedules, budgets and expectations
- Organisation: responsible for operational leadership team mechanics on site and good, safe and fun working atmosphere

- Independently taking decisions regarding the deployment of people and resources
- Advising customers and management on improvements and changes
- Access to confidential personnel files

- Professional knowledge
- Leadership
- Customer focus
- Stress resistance
- Flexibility
- Planning and organisation skills
- Decisiveness
- Sense of responsibility
- Working together
- Empathic ability
- Relationally skilled