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A first-class ventilation system for your cultivation

Besides controlling the temperature with the right screen installation, a ventilator can also contribute to the right climate in your greenhouse. A1 Tuinbouwtechniek advises, supplies and installs various types of ventilation systems. The fans contribute to a better greenhouse climate for your crop and can withstand harsh climatic conditions, such as high temperatures.

Vertical air circulation system

With the Verti-Fan, you do not stress your crop. Vertical air movements are created by a fan that transports the air downwards in a controlled manner. The fan is mounted at the top of your greenhouse and a plastic hose is attached to it. The air from the Verti-Fan, spreads out over the ground and slowly rises upwards. The vertical air circulation system can also be installed to take away cold air at the vents and cool the crop below. View the brochure of the Verti-Fan.

Controlled ventilation and circulation system

Using a closed screen cloth to ventilate and dehumidify with a controlled ventilation and circulation system? That is possible with the Airmix. The ventilation and circulation system draws air from above the closed screen and blows it into your cultivation space under the screen cloth. The system can also work as a horizontal circulation system, making the Airmix multifunctional. You can ventilate your crop in a controlled way. View the Airmix brochure.

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