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The best water installationfor your cultivation

Water is indispensable to your cultivation, and it is important that your crop gets the right supply of water. In recent years, we have provided various large projects with complete water installations, which include watering units, liquid fertiliser storage, water collection, water treatment units, ebb and flow systems, watering systems and garden sprinklers.

At A1 Tuinbouwtechniek we have the knowledge to advise you on the right water technology. We are your supplier and installer for your pumps and water units, water storage, liquid fertiliser systems, watering systems and garden irrigation systems.

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Pumps and water units

The right amount of filtered water from the water units to your crop!

Watering systems

Irrigate your crop with a system of A1 quality.

Water storage

Sufficient water storage to irrigate your crop.

Vl. fertilizer plant

Flavour the water
with a liquid fertiliser installation
of A1 Group.

Water treatment

Not only irrigation water, but also water in the systems ensures that the crops grow well.


In addition to being a building material and a means of transport, water has an important function in cooling the plant by evaporation.

Water technology horticulture

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Water technology in horticulture: Efficient water solutions for optimal growth


In modern horticulture, water technology plays a crucial role in achieving optimal growth and production results. The efficient management and use of water resources is essential to meet the needs of plants while ensuring sustainability and cost efficiency. Various subcategories of water technology, such as pumps and water units, watering systems, water storage, liquid fertiliser systems, water treatment and misting systems, contribute to an integrated water supply system in horticulture.


Pumps and water units

Pumps are the backbone of any water supply system in horticulture. They are used to pump water from water storage systems. Water units play a crucial role in controlling water flow and delivering the right amount of water to plants at the right time. They also provide filtration, temperature control and water treatment options to ensure water quality.


Watering systems

Watering systems play an important role in efficiently and accurately delivering water to plants. Drip irrigation, sprinkler systems and capillary matting are some examples of watering systems used in horticulture. These systems provide targeted water supply to the root zone of plants, minimise water loss and promote uniform growth and development.


Water storage

Water storage is essential to ensure a constant water supply, especially during dry periods. Water storage systems such as basins, tanks or silos are used to store rainwater, treated wastewater or well water. These systems help increase water availability and reduce dependence on external sources.


Liquid fertiliser plants

Liquid fertiliser systems are used to add controlled nutrients to irrigation water. By accurately dosing and applying liquid fertilisers, plants can absorb the right nutrients at the right time. This contributes to optimal crop growth, development and yield.

Water treatment

Water treatment systems are used to remove impurities, such as sediments, bacteria, fungi and dissolved substances, from irrigation water. Water treatment techniques such as filtration, disinfection and pH regulation improve water quality, protect plants from diseases and optimise nutrient uptake.

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