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Water technology horticulture

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The best water installationfor your cultivation

Water is indispensable to your cultivation, and it is important that your crop gets the right supply of water. In recent years, we have provided various large projects with complete water installations, which include watering units, liquid fertiliser storage, water collection, water treatment units, ebb and flow systems, watering systems and garden sprinklers.

At A1 Tuinbouwtechniek we have the knowledge to advise you on the right water technology. We are your supplier and installer for your pumps and water units, water storage, liquid fertiliser systems, watering systems and garden irrigation systems.

Your problem, our challenge

Our solutions

Pumps and water units

The right amount of filtered water from the water units to your crop!

Watering systems

Irrigate your crop with a system of A1 quality.

Water storage

Sufficient water storage to irrigate your crop.

Vl. fertilizer plant

Flavour the water
with a liquid fertiliser installation
of A1 Group.

Water treatment

Not only irrigation water, but also water in the systems ensures that the crops grow well.


In addition to being a building material and a means of transport, water has an important function in cooling the plant by evaporation.

Water technology horticulture

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