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Pumps and water units

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The right filtered amount of water

In your greenhouse you may use one or more pumps, which pump water from a water basin, water silo or ditch. A1 Group's water pumps allow your crop to grow and flourish. A water unit can be added to the water pump to complete the water technology.

A1 Tuinbouwtechniek is a supplier of various brands and types of pumps. If you need a specific pump, please contact us. The water units are developed according to the customer's wishes. If we have delivered and installed your pump and/or water unit you can count on 24/7 service and maintenance.

Water unit

A water unit ensures that the right amount of water is pumped from the water basin or the water silo. The water is filtered by the water unit and brought to the right taste and temperature before it reaches your crop.


The Autofill takes care of the creation of the A/B-bins from liquid fertilizers. The advantages of the Autofill are among others : Accuracy, Safety and Flexibility. The Autofill is available for up to 12 fertilisers, in addition to two trace elements, 4 x AB-sets and possibly 4 x acid/leach.

Compost tea

In cooperation with the Healthy Group, we have developed and realised several customised units. Compost tea is the natural approach to new cultivation. Compost tea is an aqueous extract full of micro-organisms, in which both bacteria and/or fungi can be used dominantly. This is applicable for every horticultural company after a soil food web research (zero situation).

Pumps and water units

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