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An Autofill is an automated system used to accurately mix and add liquid fertilisers to A/B tanks. This saves the grower time and increases the efficiency of the fertiliser process. The Autofill offers several advantages, including accuracy, safety and flexibility.

Dosing of fertilisers

One of the main advantages of the Autofill is the accuracy of fertiliser dosing. By using automated systems, it is possible to measure and add the exact amount of fertiliser to the A/B tanks. This ensures consistent and precise fertiliser composition and contributes to optimal plant growth.


Safety is another important aspect of the Autofill. Mixing and adding fertilisers manually can pose a risk to the grower's health. By using an automated system, these risks are reduced and the grower can concentrate on other important aspects of the horticultural process.


Flexibility is another key feature of the Autofill. The system can be configured to create up to 12 different fertilisers, two trace elements and four AB sets. In addition, the system can be adapted to handle four acid/leach bins. This allows the system to be customised to the grower's needs and easily adapted to changing conditions.

Based on your needs

The Autofill is a modular system that can be adapted to the grower's specific needs. The system works with two intermediate vessels in which the required manure schedule is created before being directed to the A/B bins. The control and operation of the Autofill is very user-friendly and is carried out via a touchscreen that visually displays the filling process continuously.

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