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A water unit is an important part of the horticultural industry and is used to ensure that plants get the right amount of water to grow optimally. The system works by pumping water from a water basin or water silo and filtering it, seasoning it and bringing it to the right temperature before it is piped to the plants.

Crucial in horticulture

A water unit in the horticultural sector is crucial to ensure that plants get the right amount of water and to avoid wasting water. A water unit allows water to be used efficiently, watering plants only when needed. This has numerous benefits, such as reducing water costs and protecting the environment.

The importance of efficient water use

In horticulture, efficient water use is essential. Water is a valuable resource and must be managed responsibly. A water unit plays an important role here, as the system is designed to accurately control the water supply. It measures the plants' needs and delivers the right amount of water at the right time. This prevents overwatering and minimises wastage, resulting in healthier plants and a reduction in water costs.

High-quality water for optimum growth

A water unit ensures that the water is of high quality before it is piped to the plants. The system pumps water from the water basin or water silo and passes it through several filters to remove impurities and particles. This filtration ensures that the water is free of contaminants that could be harmful to the plants. In addition, the water is heated to the right temperature and flavoured to be perfectly suited to the plants' needs.


The benefits of a water unit in horticulture are numerous. Besides using water efficiently and ensuring a high-quality water supply, a water unit also offers convenience and ease of use for growers. The system can be adapted to the specific needs of the crop and environment. Moreover, it can be integrated with other horticultural equipment and automation systems, creating an optimised and integrated growing environment.

As a horticultural entrepreneur, investing in a high-quality water unit is a wise move. It will not only contribute to healthier plants and higher yields, but also to sustainable water use and cost savings. At A1 Group, as a leading supplier of water units in the horticulture sector, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our water units are specially designed to meet the specific needs of growers and offer excellent performance and durability.

Contact us today and find out how our water units can transform your horticultural business. Improve your water management, optimise plant growth and ensure a sustainable and efficient growing environment with our advanced water solutions. Rely on A1 Group for high-quality water units that meet the demands of modern horticulture.

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