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Water storage

Sufficient water storage to keep yourcrop irrigation

Water is indispensable for your cultivation, but it is even more important to have sufficient water storage. The water can be stored in water silos or water basins. Depending on the available space and the required quantity of water, the water storage needed for your crop is determined.

A water decontaminator can be used to recirculate the drain water. Rainwater can be collected and discharged into the water storage. If water units are used, the water can be flavoured.

Water silos

Storing water in a compact, space-saving manner with a water silo can be done both inside and outside your greenhouse. The water that originates from rainfall or the return of drain water is collected in the water silo. From the water silo, the water is pumped to the crop through water units and, if necessary, seasoned with a fertiliser installation. If required, a water silo can be covered with a floating sail or algae cloth. This is to prevent the growth of algae or pollution from outside.

Water basins

Rainwater can be collected in a water basin. For a water basin, a place is created around and around your premises. The size of the water basin is determined by the amount of water required for the cultivation. A water basin can be closed with a tarpaulin.

Water collection

The return water can be collected in a drainage pit or the water can be pumped to a water storage. From the water storage, the water is disinfected by means of water units and can thus be reused for your cultivation.

Water storage

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