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Water basins

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Water basins

Water basins play a crucial role in horticulture, where water is vital for plant health and growth. Collecting rainwater in a water basin is an efficient and sustainable way to store large quantities of water. Whether placed inside or outside the greenhouse, a water basin allows horticulturists to be less dependent on external water sources and use the stored water to water plants.

Construction of a water basin

When constructing a water basin, there are some important steps to consider. First, the size of the basin should be determined based on the amount of water required for the crop. Next, a hole is dug and the excavated soil is used to create an embankment around the basin. This dike prevents the water from flowing away and ensures that the basin has sufficient capacity. It is important that the dike is not too steep to prevent erosion. To prevent the water from sinking into the soil, the basin is lined with a film layer.

De-ironed spring water

Besides rainwater harvesting, a basin can also serve as storage for de-ironed spring water. When calculating the size of the basin, a closed soil balance is taken into account, with the released soil being used for the basin embankment. The utilisation rate of the water basin can be increased by withdrawing more basin soil from the production area, but this may be at the expense of the land available for cultivation.


To protect the basin and maintain water quality, it can be sealed with a cover. This prevents dirt and leaves from entering the water and minimises evaporation. The aim is to achieve the highest possible utilisation rate, storing all the rainwater that falls in a year. The ideal size of the water basin depends on the size of the farm. However, realising large water basins can be challenging due to the limited availability of land in many locations.

The importance of water basins in horticulture cannot be overemphasised. They provide a sustainable water source, reduce dependence on external water supplies and enable horticulturists to water their plants efficiently. With proper planning and design, water basins can be a valuable tool for water conservation and management in horticulture, while contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.

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