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Water silos

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An important element in greenhouse horticulture is storing and using water. A water silo is a handy solution for storing and using water efficiently. A water silo allows you to store water compactly and space-savingly, both inside and outside your greenhouse.

Reuse of water

The water silo collects water from rainfall or return drain water. From the water silo, the water is pumped through water units to the crop and possibly flavoured with a fertiliser installation. This allows you to reuse the water in a sustainable way and reduce the use of expensive tap water.

Less dependent

The great advantage of a water silo is that you are less dependent on a water manager and are able to store large quantities of (rain) water yourself. This is especially useful in periods of drought or when the water supply is temporarily unavailable. A water silo is therefore a worthwhile investment that provides long-term cost savings.


It is also important to mention that a water silo can be covered with a floating tarpaulin or algae cloth. This prevents algae growth or outside pollution and keeps the water clean.

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