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Duckweed: A problem for your pond

A pond full of duckweed is not only an aesthetic problem, but can also have serious consequences for the ecosystem and water quality. The duckweed forms a dense blanket on the water surface, disturbing the biological balance. Below this layer, degradation only takes place, leading to further expansion of the duckweed and negative impacts on aquatic life and the recreational value of the pond.
Duckweed grows rapidly in nutrient-rich, stagnant water, such as ponds and urban canals. It chokes the water, obstructs light penetration, and leads to oxygen deficiency, causing fish death and odour nuisance. This problem recurs annually if nothing is done about it.

Effective duckweed control

To get rid of duckweed, creating flow in the water is essential. This can be done manually or mechanically, depending on the size of the pond. In larger ponds, removing bottom silt is an important step, as it provides the ideal breeding ground for duckweed.

Innovative solutions from A1 Group and AUGA make it possible to move water efficiently to control duckweed. FLOW floating propeller mixers are compact devices that are easy to position and consume little energy. They create flow, driving the duckweed to one spot and allowing easy removal.

Case: Kroos control at Gro-Up office complex

At Gro-Up's headquarters in Berkel en Rodenrijs, duckweed was a recurring problem. This fast-growing plant covered the pond every year, disrupted the fountains, and deteriorated the water quality. Gro-Up engaged A1 Group, which worked with AUGA to implement an effective solution.

Approach and Solutions

  1. Creation of flow: Three FLOW propeller mixers (two FLOW 37S and one FLOW 75S) were installed to agitate the stagnant water. This ensured that the duckweed was directed away from the inlets and collected in one place.
  2. Aeration and degasification: two floating S-FLOW 75F volume aerators were added to aerate and degas the water. This improved oxygenation and prevented algae growth.
  3. Smart control: The existing fountains and mixers were linked to a weather station with a wind meter. This system switches off the fountains in high wind conditions and optimises energy consumption by operating the mixers only when the wind direction is favourable.


Within four weeks, the results were visible: the pond was free of duckweed and the water quality significantly improved. This project shows that with relatively low investment costs and smart technologies, duckweed problems can be effectively addressed. Sustainable water quality with A1 Group and AUGA The combination of FLOW mixers and S-FLOW aerators offers a sustainable solution for duckweed control and overall improvement of water quality. These systems ensure not only the removal of duckweed, but also a healthy balance in the water environment. With A1 Group's expertise in water management and AUGA's innovative technology, we can keep your water bodies vital and free of duckweed. Contact us for a tailored consultation and find out how we can improve your water quality.

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