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UV disinfection

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The Aqualux is a low-pressure UV unit specially designed for disinfecting drain water in horticulture. Thanks to the unique concept of the unit, the automation supplied and the various measurement sensors, the entire process is controlled, ensuring you proper disinfection.

99.99% guaranteed decontamination

The Aqualux combines UV light, filtration and hydrogen peroxide (optional) to ensure up to 100,000-fold reduction of pathogens in the water. This is equivalent to a 99.99% guaranteed disinfection of plant pathogens in the water. The system is equipped with the latest 800-watt UV-C lamps which, together with our 800-watt power controller, have the highest efficiency. The smart flow control based on the continuously measured dose guarantees a highly efficient disinfection process.

Reuse of drain water

Reusing drain water saves costs and conserves the environment. Discharging drain water has to comply with requirements in many cases and the costs can be quite high. Thus, by reusing drain water, costs are also saved. Moreover, because of the fertilisers it contains, drain water has a value of up to EUR 2.5 per m3. Of course, this depends on the EC of the drain water.

Proven technique

The Aqualux is designed for small and large amounts of water and meets the requirements of WUR and the "Horticultural Water Guidelines". Disinfecting water with UV is a proven technique that has been used in several industries for over 50 years. With the Aqualux, you are assured of many advantages, such as the lowest cost per m3 of disinfected water, virtually no change in water composition and conditioned water.

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