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Watering systems

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Irrigate your crop with a A1 quality installation

Which irrigation system you need depends on your crop. You can choose between overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation or ebb and flood. A1 Group supplies your sprinkler system from new build to maintenance.


Your crop is sprinkled from above by means of an irrigation system. The sprinkler system is fed from a water pump or water unit. A sprinkler system is used for open field cultivation such as radishes, lettuce or chrysanthemums.

Drip irrigation

The water from the drip irrigation system comes from a water pump or water unit, which ensures that the water goes to your crop in the right proportion. Drip irrigation is widely used in substrate and pot plant cultivation.

Ebb and flow floors

With an ebb and flow floor, the entire floor is filled with water. Once the crop has absorbed enough water, the ebb and flow floor empties naturally. The water from the pumps can be flavoured with the right fertilisers from a water unit. An ebb and flow floor is often used for propagation and pot plant cultivation.

Casting tree

By using watering devices, you can easily water / spray a large surface in low crops such as leafy vegetables or cut flowers. The watering devices can be delivered manually or fully automatically.

Roof sprinklers

In sunny conditions, you can increase humidity by using roof sprinklers. The evaporation of water extracts heat from the outside air and the greenhouse roof. This gives you an increase of the air humidity, a decrease of the air temperature and a decrease of the glasshouse temperature.

Watering systems

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