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Pouring boom in horticulture: Efficient watering and spraying of large areas

A watering boom is a convenient solution in horticulture for efficiently watering or spraying large areas in low crops, such as leafy vegetables and cut flowers. Available in both manual and fully automatic variants, these machines are ideal for growers who need to water or spray large areas.

Fumigation or spraying of crops

Casting trees offer various options for watering or spraying crops. With an installation of up to 200 metres of greenhouse length, growers can easily cover large areas. The compact construction of the pouring tree provides minimal shade, allowing crops to take full advantage of natural sunlight. In addition, the boom eliminates the need for a water hose package, increasing ease of use.

Operation of a casting boom is simple and user-friendly. In the event of a malfunction, the entire system shuts down automatically, ensuring the safety of the user. Casting booms are built in accordance with the CE standard (machinery directive), so growers can rely on the reliability and quality of these machines.

Limited waste of water

A key advantage of casting trees is the limited waste of water. These machines are designed with high-quality materials and require little maintenance. The even distribution of water allows growers to achieve optimal results when watering or spraying crops. Moreover, the watering boom allows spraying or pouring up to 70 cm from the back wall of the greenhouse. This ensures that water reaches crops easily and there is minimal wastage.

At A1 Group, we understand the importance of efficient watering techniques in horticulture. We offer high-quality watering booms that meet growers' watering and spraying needs. Our pouring trees are designed with the latest technologies and materials to ensure durability and reliability. We offer a wide range of pouring trees, ranging from manual to fully automatic models, so growers can make the right choice based on their specific needs.

Choose A1 Group as your partner in water technology for horticulture. Our watering trees offer efficient solutions for watering and spraying large areas, while minimising waste and optimising crop yields. Contact us today to find out how our watering trees can support your horticultural business and take growing performance to the next level.

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