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Casting tree

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Watering booms are a convenient solution for efficiently watering or spraying large areas in low crops, such as leafy vegetables and cut flowers, within horticulture. Available in both manual and fully automatic variants, these machines are ideal for growers who need to water or spray large areas.

All options

There are multiple options when pouring or spraying and the system can handle up to 200 metres of greenhouse length. The compact construction provides little shade and no water hose package is required. The pouring boom is easy to operate and in case of failure, the complete installation switches off. This plant is built in accordance with the CE standard (machinery directive), which ensures user safety.

Little waste

The pours are designed with high-quality materials and are low-maintenance. The even distribution of water allows optimal results to be achieved. It also offers the possibility of spraying or pouring up to 70 cm from the back wall of the greenhouse. This ensures that the water easily reaches the crops and there is minimal wastage.

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