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Ebb and flow floors

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With the advanced technology of ebb and flood floors, the entire floor of your growing space is submerged in water, allowing your plants to take full advantage of nutrients and moisture. Ebb and flow floors are widely used for propagation and potted plant cultivation in horticulture. By using this innovative technology, you can optimise your cultivation in an efficient and sustainable way.


An ebb and flow floor works as follows: after water is supplied from the water unit, the entire floor is filled. The crop can then absorb the water, after which the floor drains naturally. The height of the water layer and the duration of stay on the floor can be adjusted based on various parameters, such as pot size, substrate type, crop and water requirements.


Using an ebb and flow floor has several advantages. First, it ensures an even distribution of water and nutrients, allowing your crop to grow more evenly and reducing the risk of failure. In addition, it is a sustainable solution as less water is wasted than with traditional watering systems.

Water management

When using an ebb and flow floor, good water management is crucial. It is important to supply and discharge the right amount of water to avoid overflowing stock silos and wasting precious water.

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