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Roof sprinklers

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Roof sprinklers are used in horticulture to increase humidity and reduce temperature. In sunny conditions, the temperature in a greenhouse can rise quickly, which is not good for the plants. By using roof sprinklers, the temperature can be lowered and humidity increased. This happens because the evaporation of water extracts heat from the outside air and the greenhouse cover.

Coarse drop

Research shows that a sprinkler with a coarse drop is preferable as it distributes most of the water neatly on the glass. It is important that sprinklers are installed as close as possible above the glass to prevent the water from raining in or blowing away.

Higher CO2 concentration

Besides increasing humidity and lowering temperature, roof sprinklers can also be used to keep the vents more closed and thus achieve a higher CO2 concentration in the greenhouse. In addition, it can be used to quickly lower the greenhouse temperature in the evening.

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