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Your partner in irrigation systems for parks, ornamental gardens and sports fields

Welcome to A1 Group, your dedicated partner for high-quality sprinkler systems that bring the green oases of parks, ornamental gardens and sports fields to life. Our company specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of advanced sprinkler systems that meet the unique needs of every green space project. With decades of experience and a passion for landscaping, we strive to maximise the beauty and vitality of your outdoor space.

Our mission

At A1 Group, we have a clear mission: to create sustainable, efficient and reliable sprinkler systems that promote the growth and flowering of parks, ornamental gardens and sports fields. We understand that every green project is unique and presents different challenges. Therefore, we believe in the importance of customisation and innovation to meet your specific requirements. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is second to none.

Our services

At A1 Group, we offer a comprehensive range of services for sprinkler systems, including:

Design and consultancy:

Our expert team will work with you to design a customised sprinkler system that reflects the unique features and needs of your outdoor space.


We provide expert installation of your sprinkler system, with an eye for detail and quality.

Maintenance and repair:

A1 Group is always ready to maintain your system and resolve any problems quickly and efficiently, extending the life of your investment.

Upgrades and modernisation:

When the time comes to upgrade or adapt your sprinkler system to changing needs, we can help you with innovative solutions.


We are committed to environmentally friendly practices and minimising water and energy consumption in all our systems.

1. Irrigation systems for parks

Parks are crucial community facilities that provide relaxation and recreation for residents of all ages. A well-integrated irrigation system is vital to maintain the aesthetics and well-being of parks. Our systems for parks are designed to provide even irrigation regardless of the size or shape of the park. With smart technology, we can minimise water consumption while promoting the growth of healthy grass, plants and trees.

2. Irrigation systems for ornamental gardens

Ornamental gardens are the crown jewels of many residential and commercial properties. Maintaining the beautiful flowers and shrubs that grow in ornamental gardens requires specific care and attention. Our irrigation systems for ornamental gardens are tailor-made to highlight the beauty of your garden. With advanced drip irrigation and carefully placed sprinklers, we can provide your ornamental garden with the right amount of water, preventing over-fertilisation and keeping plants healthy.

3. Irrigation systems for sports fields

Sports pitches are places of action and competition, and they require robust and reliable irrigation systems to keep playing conditions optimal. Our sports field systems are designed to consistently and efficiently deliver water to grass pitches, artificial turf fields and more. We understand the importance of a perfect playing surface and ensure that your sports pitches are always in top condition.

Why choose A1 Group?

Experience and expertise:

With decades of industry experience, we have proven successes in designing and installing sprinkler systems for various applications.


We understand that no two projects are the same. Our systems are tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.


We use only high-quality materials and advanced technologies to build durable systems that last.


Our systems are designed with sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. We strive to minimise water consumption and energy costs.

Customer service:

Our dedicated team is ready to help you at every step of your project, from initial consultation to maintenance and repair.

Our projects

At A1 Group, we are proud of the many successful projects we have completed for satisfied clients. Whether creating lush green parks, breathtaking ornamental gardens or perfectly maintained sports fields, we have an impressive portfolio of projects that reflect our expertise and dedication.

Contact us

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems for parks, ornamental gardens and sports fields, look no further than A1 Group. We are ready to help you make your greenery project a success. Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can work together to improve your outdoor space.

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