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Lower the temperature in thegreenhouse to a few degrees

With an external screen system, the heat from outside can be kept out and the temperature in the greenhouse can be lowered by a few degrees. This makes it possible for the grower to ventilate less, thus reducing energy consumption. In addition, an outside screen is very flexible compared to chalk and the grower can always respond in time to changing weather conditions.

Screen house

The A1 Screen house is the substructure of a Venlo greenhouse without glass, with waterproof screens installed all around. The facades are made of SolarWoven cloths (water tight) and the deck consists of waterproof lamellae cloths. The cloths are hung on a slightly sloping construction which creates drainage. In the open position, the slats create a small cloth package that gives the crop maximum exposure to the outdoors. If weather conditions do not allow it, you can provide maximum protection for the crop. It is the ideal solution for protecting and hardening off bedding plants, young plants and trees.


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