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Drip irrigation

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Drip irrigation is a widely used technique in horticulture to supply plants with targeted and efficient water. Water is dripped via a drip hose or drip irrigation system directly at the roots of the plant. This saves water and reduces the risk of evaporation.

High Efficiency

One of the advantages of drip irrigation is its high efficiency. While in spraying, up to 20% of water is lost through evaporation, in drip irrigation, the percentage can exceed 90%. Moreover, there is no need to consider specific times to irrigate, as much less evaporation occurs.

What is needed?

The water from the drip irrigation system comes from a water pump or water unit, ensuring that the water goes to the crop in the right ratio. There are several components needed for proper drip irrigation. These include: drip hoses, tyleen fittings, bermad taps, capillaries, rapier plugs and drippers.

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