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Watering ornamental gardens

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Carefree enjoyment of a perfect garden

The grass is getting greener and your plants are flourishing! A carefully landscaped garden deserves no less. That is why Van Oosten Beregeningssystemen has a solution for every garden: the right amount of water at the right time. We have developed several automated sprinkler systems to manage the water supply. This makes it possible for holiday-makers to enjoy their holiday at the same time as maintaining their own garden. The water is distributed accurately depending on the weather or season, with a minimum of water wastage.


By means of an irrigation computer, irrigation can take place at night. This is extra advantageous for you, because at night there is little evaporation and minimal wind. We can even provide the installation with a rain sensor that automatically postpones the programmed irrigation if X number of millimetres of rain has fallen.

ornamental garden sprinkler saving
ornamental garden sprinkler technology

Products and techniques

Whereas we provide your lawn with a pop-up sprinkler, we choose a mist sprayer for watering your border. To keep hedges and flower boxes moist, we provide them with inline drip hoses or plug-in drippers. Because every garden is different, we offer customised solutions in terms of the right sprinkler pump and electrical installation.

Resedential gardens

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