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It is important to maintain your installation properly

Maintenance of your water, screen or ventilation installation by A1 Group

Regular maintenance can reveal wear and tear in good time, prevent breakdowns and extend the service life. We have various maintenance plans to provide your installations with annual maintenance. Curious about the possibilities? Make an appointment, free of obligation. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, we have a 24/7 breakdown service. Our service technicians are ready for you. You can reach the fault-clearing service on +31 (0)174-752550.


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At A1 Group, we understand that your horticultural operation depends not only on advanced screening and watering technology, but also on reliable service and maintenance to ensure continuity.


With our experience in sprinkling sports fields, ornamental gardens and parks, we understand the importance of regular maintenance for the optimal operation and durability of your sprinkler system. 

Ask for advice

We use a 24/7 service to provide you with the best possible service in emergency situations. Call us at +31 (0)174 752 550.