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Filtration systems

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Filtration systems are essential in horticulture, as good pouring water is scarce and plants can become clogged when the water contains too much dirt. Therefore, various filtration techniques are widely used in horticulture, including paper belt filters, sieve bends and automatic self-cleaning sieve filters.

Paper belt filters

Paper belt filters are used to filter liquids and work by placing a thin layer of paper or filter media over a moving belt. The liquid flows through the paper or filter medium and particles are trapped, creating a clean liquid stream. Paper belt filters are often used in the metalworking and chemical industries.

Sieve bends

Sieve bends are curved filters used to separate and filter liquids. They work by passing the liquid through a sieve, trapping particles and allowing the clean liquid to pass through. Sieve bends are often used in the food industry and water treatment.

Automatic self-cleaning sieve filters

Automatic self-cleaning sieve filters work in a similar way to sieve bends, but have an automatic cleaning process that cleans the filter sieve and removes particles without the need to interrupt the flow of fluid. This is usually done through a mechanism that moves the sieve back and forth, removing particles from the sieve. Automatic self-cleaning sieve filters are often used in the water treatment, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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