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Light reduction screens

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Light reduction screens are an important part of the cultivation sector and are increasingly required due to stricter light emission regulations. These screens guarantee perfect light shielding, up to 99% according to some suppliers, thus contributing to more efficient cultivation by reducing energy losses and maintaining a stable climate in the greenhouse.  


If lighting in a greenhouse is used as assimilation lighting, shielding must be present. The degree of shielding depends on the illuminance of the lamps. For an illuminance of 15,000 lux or more, shielding should be 98% from sunset to sunrise, while for an illuminance of up to 15,000 lux, shielding should be 98% in the darkness period and 74% at night.  


If the grower applies assimilation lighting only during the day, he does not need to have a light screen system in his greenhouse. However, the competent authority may set a lower percentage depending on the illuminance of the lamps. It is important to note that shielding is only mandatory if the lighting in the greenhouse is used as assimilation lighting. If the establishment owner cannot demonstrate this, there is no requirement for shielding.

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