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Advanced solutions for water management

Looking for advanced water management solutions for horticulture? A1 Group offers an extensive range of high-quality products to promote efficient water use and optimise crop growing conditions. Discover how our expertise in pumps, watering systems, irrigation, water storage, liquid fertiliser systems, water treatment and misting systems can take your horticultural business to the next level.

Pumps and water units: efficient water circulation and nutrient management

A1 Group offers advanced pumps and water units, including water units, autofill systems and compost tea systems. These systems provide optimum circulation of water and nutrients, ensuring that your crops receive the right amount of water and nutrients. This not only saves water, but also maximises crop growth and yield.

Watering systems: precision in water management

Our watering systems are designed to provide precision in water management. Whether you opt for drip irrigation, ebb and flow floors, pouring trees or roof sprinklers, A1 Group provides systems that can be precisely tailored to the specific needs of your crops. This results in efficient water use and an optimal growing environment.

Water storage: sustainable solutions for water management

A1 Group provides sustainable water storage solutions, including water silos, water basins and water collection systems. These not only facilitate water storage, but also provide a strategic reserve for periods of scarcity. Our storage systems contribute to a stable water supply for your horticultural activities.

Liquid fertiliser plant: optimise nutrient management

Improve the nutrient management of your crops with A1 Group's liquid fertiliser installations. These plants enable you to apply tailor-made nutrient solutions, optimising the growing conditions of crops.

Water treatment: pure and healthy irrigation water

Our water treatment systems, including filtration systems, reverse osmosis and UV disinfection equipment, ensure the production of pure and healthy irrigation water. This not only results in better crop growth, but also extends the life of irrigation systems.

Mist system: optimum humidity and cooling

A1 Group supplies misting systems to regulate humidity and provide cooling in horticultural environments. These systems are essential for creating an optimal climate, especially during hot periods, allowing crops to thrive.

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