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Irrigation of sports fields

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The right sprinkler system,the best results

To keep the playing fields, courts and racetracks in optimal condition, it is important that they are irrigated in the right way. Whether it is about watering your baseball field, golf course, hockey field or outdoor arena, we support you in making the right choice of sprinkler system.

Football pitch

Perfection in sprinkling your (artificial turf) football pitches.

Hockey pitch

Fast and spectacular hockey game on your (semi-) water field.

Tennis court

Playing tennis on a court which
is in top condition.

Baseball/softball field

Take me out
to the ball.

Golf course

Putting and chipping, exactly
as you planned.

Riding school

Increase performance
of horse and rider.

How does a sprinkler system work?

An irrigation system can be operated in several ways. Would you like to irrigate manually, for example? With one turn of a key switch you can start the sprinkling, which is very convenient to wet the field just before a tennis tournament.

We can also offer you more certainty about the condition of your football pitch, for example. With your tablet or smartphone, you can check the condition of the field or court. If additional seeding is required, you can arrange it on the spot with the push of a button.

Service and maintenance

But it doesn't stop there. Even after the installation has been put into operation, we are available to you 24/7. In the event of wear or unexpected malfunctions, you have a permanent contact person, so we can ensure that we are always on site as soon as possible and that there are as few cancellations as possible.

Environmentally conscious

It is even possible to draw from a variety of sources with the various methods of sprinkling. These include tap and ditch water, but also stored rainwater from a basin. You are completely environmentally aware if you choose to collect the excess water and have it drained away via drainage. This water can be stored and used as a source for the sprinkler system.

Curious about how we can help you?

Sprinkling sports pitches: Optimal management for healthy playing fields

Sprinkling sports pitches is crucial to ensure they are healthy and ready for intensive use. An effective irrigation system plays a vital role in maintaining proper moisture levels and delivering the right amount of water to sports fields. Irrigation systems provide an automated and efficient way to water sports fields and contribute to optimal grass growth and performance.

Sufficient water even during periods of drought

A sprinkler system allows sports pitches to be watered on a regular basis, regardless of weather conditions. This ensures that the grass receives sufficient water even during periods of drought or high temperatures. A well-designed and properly installed sprinkler system ensures an even distribution of water across the field, promoting uniform growth of the grass.

Different types of sprinkler systems

Sprinkler systems for sports fields use various methods to deliver water. Sprinklers are a common option, distributing water evenly across the field in the form of fine droplets. These sprinklers can be programmed to activate at specific times, making the care of the grass automatic.

Using a sprinkler system for sports pitches offers several advantages. First, it contributes to optimal grass growth and health, which improves the quality and playability of pitches. Moreover, a good irrigation system helps prevent the formation of bare spots and uneven growth of the grass, reducing the risk of injuries for athletes.

Water saving

Besides promoting the growth of healthy grass, an irrigation system also offers high efficiency and water savings. Through the use of automated systems, water can be accurately metered, preventing wastage. Modern irrigation systems can also be programmed to activate only when needed, based on factors such as weather conditions and soil moisture. This helps optimise water supply and saves precious water.

At A1 Group, we understand the need for high-quality sprinkler systems for sports pitches. We offer a range of advanced irrigation solutions specifically designed to care for sports turf. Our systems are efficient, reliable and easy to operate, keeping your sports fields in optimum condition. Whether you have a football pitch, tennis court, golf course or any other type of sports field, our team of experts is ready to help you find the ideal sprinkler system that meets your specific requirements. Contact us today and find out how our sprinkler systems can contribute to healthy and well-maintained sports pitches.

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