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Compost tea

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Improve the health of your horticultural crops with compost tea

Want to boost the vitality of your horticultural crops and increase their resistance to diseases? Then compost tea is the ideal solution for you. Compost tea is a natural and sustainable way to improve the microbiology in the horticultural soil. It is an aqueous extract full of micro-organisms, including both bacteria and fungi, that have a positive impact on soil life and the growth of your horticultural crops.

The importance of a healthy horticultural soil

The importance of a healthy horticultural soil is often underestimated. With a healthy horticultural soil or substrate, you can increase the vitality of your horticultural crops and strengthen their resistance to diseases. Growers in the horticultural sector therefore work with compost and add compost tea to strengthen soil life in the horticultural soil.

Proven results in various horticultural crops

The use of compost tea has already shown proven results in various horticultural crops. For instance, the use of compost tea in the cultivation of horticultural crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers has resulted in lower disease pressure and improved yields. Compost tea can increase the resilience of horticultural crops to plant diseases and thus reduce the need for fertilisers and pesticides, contributing to a sustainable and healthy horticulture sector.

Efficient production of compost tea for the horticultural sector

But how do you make compost tea for horticulture? Traditionally, compost tea was made by placing compost in a vessel with water and aerating it. However, this process could take 24 to 48 hours. Fortunately, there is now a more efficient way. A1 Group's compost tea solution, specially developed for the horticulture sector, enables the production of a high-quality compost tea extract within 8 hours. Its unique design ensures that the compost is constantly kept in suspension and aerated, increasing the efficiency of the extraction process. .

Applicability of compost tea in the horticultural sector

The applicability of compost tea in horticulture is huge. It can be used by any horticulture company after a soil nutrient web survey to determine the baseline situation. Compost tea offers horticulture companies the opportunity to produce high-quality compost tea efficiently and effectively. Using compost tea can lead to healthier horticultural crops, higher yields and sustainable cultivation, requiring less reliance on fertilisers and pesticides.

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