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The right sprinkler system,the best results

A park is synonymous with growth and blossoming: a green and natural environment with a soothing appearance. This can only be achieved if the flowers, plants and trees are watered in good time, so that they are at their best.
madurodam sprinkler technology

Products and techniques

Van Oosten Beregeningssystemen has developed several sprinkler systems to automate the sprinkling of parks, hotels, cemeteries, public areas and more. We do this by using:

  • Rain Bird sprinklers (computer systems);
  • Toro sprayers (computer systems);
  • Grundfos pumps;
  • Drip irrigation systems;
  • electrical installations;
  • storage tanks;
  • well drilling;
  • fountains.

Sustainable installations

We understand very well that you want to see as little as possible of the systems in the park and that you want them to last as long as possible. That is why we install the systems completely underground. An additional advantage is that vandals cannot get to them easily. We take your wishes into account in everything we do: the design, excavation, installation and maintenance. During the whole process you have one contact at Van Oosten Beregeningssystemen.


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