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Water treatmenton A1 quality

Do you make sure your crops get the best water? Not only irrigation water, but also water in systems ensures that crops grow well. A1 Group makes sure you buy the right system to ensure the best water.

Filtration systems

Filtration systems are applied for filtration of drain water, filtration of basin water, filtration of water from ebb and flow systems, pre-filtration disinfection systems. Examples of filtration systems we work with are : Paper belt filter, sieve bends and automatic self-cleaning sieve filters.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the way to desalinate water and get rid of unwanted dissolved elements, because of the fine way of filtering. So fine that it even removes dissolved elements from water. This filtration technique is frequently used in horticulture to upgrade spring water to high-quality watering. This way, one has water with a low EC and little sodium. This is important for optimising the growth of the crop and, in addition, circulation can be extended before irrigation is necessary. Reverse osmosis is also widely used to extend the life of installations. Examples are the filtration of feed water from boilers and high-pressure mist installations. After filtration, no dissolved elements are present that could cause problems, such as limestone formation. That is why it is also used to rinse products such as cars and windows spotlessly.

UV disinfection

Aqualux is a water disinfector designed with the mission to reuse water as safely and efficiently as possible. By combining UV light, filtration and hydrogen peroxide (optional), the system guarantees a 100,000-fold reduction of pathogens in the water. With the intelligent flow technology and self-cleaning function, Aqualux is able to act completely autonomously and requires little maintenance.

Water treatment

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